Expansion of SOMTA HSS Drills

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the SOMTA brand general-purpose jobber drill series!


The following list numbers are associated with the expansion of the SOMTA brand general purpose drill additions:

  •  List# 101-SO – SOMTA Split Point General Purpose Jobber Drills


This series offers the following features & benefits:

  • High-Speed Steel
  • Split Point
  • Steam Oxide Coating


Product size expansion:

  • 88 New Edp’s!
  • Letter Sizes: A-Z & Wire Gage Sizes: 1-60
  • Metric & Inch Drill Sets: 1mm-13mm x 0.5mm, 1/16”-1/2” x 1/64”


These drills are ideal for general purpose drilling and job shops.


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