3 New Applications for Composites We Can't Stop Talking About
1. “Real” hoverboard made with composites
ARCA Space Corporation will launch a “real” hoverboard without wheels called ArcaBoard in April. ArcaBoard is powered by 272 horse power and 203,000watts of installed power. Aerospace grade composites were used for the board to make it light weight and rigid. The ArcaBoard weighs 180lbs and it is able to fly up to 1ft (off the ground?) with speeds up to 12.5mph.

2. An earthquake resistant office made with composites

A Japanese fabric manufacturer, Komatsu Seiren, and a Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, constructed an earthquake-proof office using composites. The carbon fibers root the building and numerous carbon fiber rods called CABKOMA Strand Rods surround the building. The CABKOMA Strand Rod is a thermoplastic light weight carbon fiber compositewith high elasticity and a tougher structural body. According to Composite Manufacturing, “The company claims that it is the lightest seismic reinforcement in the world.”

Courtesy of Composites Manufacturing

3. 3D printed arm brace for Carolina Panthers made with composites

Carolina Panthers line backer, Thomas Davis, broke his arm during the NFC Championship game that led Panthers to Super Bowl 50. Despite the injury, he was able to compete during Super Bowl by wearing a 3-D printed arm brace made with a plastic and elastomer composite. According to Composite Manufacturing, Davis tried 3 other regular braces, but he chose the 3D printed composite brace “for its toughness.”

Courtesy of Composites Manufacturing




Reaming Composites Made Easy with the EXOPRO® AERO-D-REAM!

Are you having issues with peel-up, thrust and delamination when drilling or reaming carbon and glass fiber composites? These composites are constructed with layers of material that are prone to delamination. You are probably having problems with your tool life as well. Carbon fiber is known to be abrasive, and could easily wear your tool down. If your tool loses its sharpness, it pushes the material away instead of cutting, producing uncut fibers. This forces you to continually monitor your tools while machining.

With OSG’s EXOPRO® AERO-D-REAM, you can machine carbon and glass fiber composites without worrying about tool life. The AERO-D-REAM features OSG’s patented diamond coating which significantly improves tool life and hole quality. The coating has a maximum diamond grain size diameter of 2µm. This strictly controlled diameter allows our coating to be super smooth and extremely sharp! We also utilize grinding techniques on our special carbide substrate which prolongs tool life.

When the AERO-D-REAM was compared to its uncoated counterpart, it was able to drill 14 times more holes and provided better hole quality. At 180 holes, it did not show any signs of margin wear!

In addition, the AERO-D-REAM has a tapered-4-flute design to limit peel-up at hole entrance as well as elongated double-angle geometry to reduce thrust and limit exit delamination.

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