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Looking to replace both a drill and tap? Learn how OSG's A Brand® AT-2 combines helical drilling and threading in one tool all while avoiding part scrap


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OSG Announces the Release of A Brand® AT-2 Thread Mill Series

We are pleased to announce the release of our NEW A Brand® AT-2 Thread Mill Series!
The NEW A Brand® AT-2 is a series of end-cutting edge thread mills for high hardness steel applications.


The following list numbers are associated with the NEW A Brand® AT-2 Thread Mill Series:

The NEW A Brand® AT-2 Thread Mill Series offers the following features & benefits:

  • Helical drilling and threading can be done simultaneously
  • Newly developed DUROREY coating enables superior heat resistance and high toughness optimized for high hardness steel milling.
  • Special cutting edge shape suppresses bending of the tool
  • Left-hand cut configuration enables climb milling to prolong tool life

The NEW A Brand® AT-2 Thread Mill Series is ideal in the following applications:

  • Hardened Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Iron


A Brand® AT-2 Thread Mill Inch Sizes coming soon!


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OSG Introduces New Thread Milling NC Code Generator Software
We announced the release of ThreadPro, OSG's latest thread milling NC code generator software.

Generating codes for complex machining couldn’t be easier with ThreadPro, which has eliminated the hassle of having to “enter data as text, copy and replace.” The configuration of multiple paths, which was not adjustable before, has been greatly simplified to enable the easy creation of zero cut programs. In addition to multiple feed (machining at each cutting edge length), single feed (1 pitch per cut) is also available, which is ideal for machining high hardness materials. Last but not least, with the capability to review machining trajectory, trouble-free tool movement can be confirmed to minimize tool damage.

The new ThreadPro is available in 12 different languages and supports eight NC programming languages. The software incorporates “RPRG” value to reduce setup, machining time and achieve stable tool life.

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