On the Job with: Ron Portwine

Featured Employee: Ron Portwine

Title: Operations Manager

Tenure with OSG: 7 years

Our operations manager at the new Atlanta office doesn’t take no for an answer.  With his “go for it” attitude and dedication, Ron Portwine is always striving to learn and be better than the day before.

Ron has a desire to grow outside of the office as well. At home, he is Mr. Fix-it and always tries to improve his handy skills. He also enjoys a good game of golf, because the nuances of competing against oneself forces honesty and integrity - two characteristics that are important to him.

His passion and perseverance extend to his home and spiritual life. His faith, his wife and two daughters are what keep his life in balance. Priorities in Ron’s life are important, which he recognizes as: “First God, then job, then family, and finally self. God gives me my abilities for the job, without the job I could not take care of my family, and, of course, always take time for yourself.”

EXOPRO® WHR-Ni Tap Video

Tap heat resistant super alloys like Inconel 718 without the risk of breakage using OSG’s EXOPRO® WHR-Ni Taps. The unique rake angle combined with OSG’s powdered metal substrate improves cutting edge rigidity, while the addition of OSG’s proprietary HR coating offers superior wear resistance for significantly longer tool life.


The Story of Sterling: The History of OSG’s Parma Branch

As a leading manufacturer of cutting tools, OSG Tap & Die is best known for our high performance, quality taps. But there is less attention brought to our other namesake: the OSG Die Division. Ten years after OSG Corporation was founded in 1938 in Tokyo, Japan, Sterling Die Operation was established halfway across the globe in Cleveland, Ohio. These two companies continued to grow separately, towards a future where the two would eventually merge to become one internationally successful business.

Sterling Die Operation began as a supplier of thread rolling dies. During its early years, the company focused on manufacturing for the Aerospace and Defense industries in the late 60’s and early 70’s, and as technology progressed, worked its way into the Automotive and Industrial industries in the 1990’s.

At the turn of the century, Sterling Die Operation achieved international recognition by becoming ISO certified. To date, they have never failed an ISO audit. This accomplishment has allowed the company to expand to global markets, which ultimately made the eventual merger with OSG possible.

On June 1st, 2004, OSG Tap and Die purchased Sterling Die Operation from its previous owner, EnPro Industries, Inc. Four years later, under the name Sterling Die, Inc., OSG Fastener Products Division merged with Sterling to create a stronger overall company.

This Parma, Ohio branch of OSG is now one of the largest full-line domestic die manufacturers in the United States. This modern facility now offers a wide range of products for the thread forming industry including flat, cylindrical, planetary, trimming, rack and segmented carbide dies, along with bent shank taps, nib taps and gages. They also provide reconditioning services for OSG and non-OSG dies. By combining OSG’s global history with Sterling Die’s hardworking perseverance, we have molded a company with a well-rounded future to shape the dreams of our customers worldwide.

VGx - More Than Just Variable

Jerry Von Bokel, District Manager

To stay competitive, companies need to keep overhead under control to reduce unnecessary cost. To do this, customers often want to eliminate sub-contracting and choose the most efficient tool for in-house production. This is where OSG’s HY-PRO® CARB VGx variable geometry end mill series comes into play.  

One customer located in St. Louis, MO came to us when they were just starting to cut their own parts for the power generation industry. Previously they were sub-contracting this work to other vendors, but the customer knew that it would be less expensive to produce the parts in-house. They already had a couple machining centers in the facility to do emergency work. All they needed was to find the right tooling to perform the production of their own parts. The lead machinist found success with a competitor’s end mill, but he was open to trying? something new if ?it would benefit? the company. I? suggested OSG’s HY-PRO® CARB VGx end mills.

The VGx series features chatter-free machining of a wide range of materials and milling applications. The VGx’s variable index and eccentric relief design helps eliminate chatter by breaking up harmonics that are produced during normal milling operations. For further stability and minimal wear, the VGx’s raised land configuration and OSG’s TiAIN coating keeps the VGx end mill cutting consistently at accelerated speeds.

With its sophisticated design, the VGx excels in difficult-to-machine materials, such as carbon, alloy steels, cast irons, stainless steels, titanium and nickel alloys, while maintaining high metal removal rates. This keeps inventory cost low due to the reduced need to stock multiple cutters.

We decided to run a test with the VGx versus the competitor’s end mill. The customer was cutting 410 Stainless Steel using a 1/4” and a 3/16” with .03 corner radius. We first ran the competitor’s end mill at 75 SFM, 4,800 RPM, and 38 IPM. To compare, we then ran the 3/16” VGx end mill at 290 SFM, 5,900 RPM, and 23 IPM. By using the VGx, we reduced the cycle time by two minutes on the 3/16” and by three minutes on the 1/4” cutter. Not only did we save the customer time, but the VGx produced twice as many parts for increased overall productivity.

After all the tests had been completed, the operator was still trying to wear out the OSG cutter with no success. The VGx End Mill far surpassed his expectation and was able to run with any materials that they cut, which finally sold the customer on the VGx series. They now stock over? 40 different styles of the HY-PRO® VGx End Mills and are ready to tackle any materials that come their way, proving that the “V” in VGx not only stands for “variable” – but “versatile” as well.