Cold Forming

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Cold Forming

OSG specializes in manufacturing superior quality dies and offers an extensive selection of both standard and special tooling to suit all of your external threading applications.

Cold Forming Solutions

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Flat Dies

Flat dies utilize one stationary and one moving die to form the threads.

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Planetary Dies

Planetary dies utilize a stationary segment and a round rotating die to form threads.

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Cylindrical Dies

Cylindrical dies are made for through-feed rolling and In-feed rolling.

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Rack Dies

Rack dies are designed to eliminate the machine adjustment often required in die set up.

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Trim Dies

Trim dies are designed to remove the flashing left over from the cold heading process on the head of bolts and fasteners.

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HY-PRO® Bent & Nib Taps

Taps for use with automatic tapping machines.

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Drill Point Dies

Drill point dies for self drilling screws.

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Die Reconditioning

Reconditioning services for used flat, cylindrical, and rack dies.

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Header Process Monitors

Prevent costly downtime due to unexpected and costly machine failures.

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Coldforming of involute splines, oil-grooves, knurls and threads