Have you tried OSG’s Rack Dies?

OSG’s Rack Dies are made of the highest quality steel (EXO-M®) and the most modern engineering design to help customers optimize cold forming processes.

Our Rack Dies are designed to eliminate the machine adjustment often required in die set up. Simple die set up installation guarantees the perfect work piece, reduces set up time and eliminates questionable parts. With the addition of the OSG patented surface treatment, surface hardness is increased, thereby reducing abrasive wear and chipping significantly.

OSG’s Rack Dies will guarantee to perform to your challenge. Our new manufacturing facility in Parma, Ohio assures you not only the highest quality, but also the best price and delivery.

OSG can produce Rack Dies to roll the following products:

  • Splines
  • Helical Splines
  • Crowned Splines
  • Oil Groves
  • Threads
  • Knurls

Please complete the quote request for a quote on OSG rack dies for your application.

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