Thread Limit Gages - Metric (15002)

Thread Plug Gage Metric Size Class 6H


Metric plug thread gages are used to inspect pitch diameter and pitch accuracy of internal threads. OSG metric plug gages are manufactured to Class X tolerances per ANSI B1.16M. Go and No-Go gages from OSG are ground premium HSS and hardened to 64Rc to ensure superior wear resistance. Gages are available with short form or long form certificates. To order gages with a short form certificate, use the standard EDP number. To order gages with a long form certificate, use the EDP number ending in “LF”.


Hardened to 64 HrC

Provide superior wear resistance

Available from stock with short form or long form certification

Same day shipping - No certification delay

Available in standard 6H class of fit

Made from Premium High Speed Steel (HSS)



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