PHOENIX® PDR Inserts (78PDR)

Indexable Deep Feed Radius Cutter


PHOENIX® PDR is a series of deep feed radius end mills and facemills for deeper depths of cut versus conventional high-feed cutters.


Robust insert with variable negative geometry, spiral edge form, and wiper

Stronger and sharper insert, capable of finish milling with reduced cutting forces

Enlarged support behind insert seat

Increased body rigidity

Double clamping (screw and top clamp)

Strong and secure insert clamping

End mill and face mill styles, Inch and Metric

Complete offering



List 6420 - Solid Shank, Metric View Offering >   View Overview >

List 6450 - Shell Type, Metric View Offering >   View Overview >

List 78PDR - Inserts View Offering >   View Overview >



For 3-D machining applications in pre-hardened and hardened steels.


For roughing and semi-roughing applications, where a reduction in the number processing tools is desired.

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