STI Spiral Flute Taps for Ferrous and Non-ferrous Materials

Offering: List S109

Product Number Description Stock
10900100 M2x0.4 STI D2 2FX MOD-BOTT 45
10900200 M2.5x0.45 STI D2 2FX MOD-BOTT 158
10900300 M3x0.5 STI D2 3FX MOD-BOTT 20
10900400 M4x0.7 STI D3 3FX MOD-BOTT 113
10900500 M5x0.8 STI D3 3FX MOD-BOTT 201
10900600 M6x1 STI D3 3FX MOD-BOTT 94
10900700 M8x1.25 STI D3 3FX MOD-BOTT 248
10900800 M10x1.5 STI D4 3FX MOD-BOTT 63
10900900 M12x1.75 STI D4 3FX MOD-BOTT 98
10901000 M14x2 STI D5 4FX MOD-BOTT 89
10901100 M16x2 STI D5 4FX MOD-BOTT 63
10901200 M18x2.5 STI D5 4FX MOD-BOTT 76
10901300 M20x2.5 STI D5 4FX MOD-BOTT 89
10901400 M22x2.5 STI D5 4FX MOD-BOTT 48
10901500 M24x3 STI D6 4FX MOD-BOTT 83

Additional Information

When grinding or regrinding industrial cutting tools, residual grinding dust may occur. This dust may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
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