EXOTAP-MOLD® Taps (328)

High Performance Straight Flute Tap for Die Steels


EXOTAP® MOLD is the premium pipe tap solution for threading die steels such as P20 and H13.


HSS-CO material

Increased toughness and wear resistance


For standard NPT tapered pipe applications

Application Guide

ISO Work Material Recommended
P Low Carbon Steel : 1010, 1018
P Medium Carbon Steel : 1035, 1045
P High Carbon Steel : 1065
P Alloy Steels : 4140, 4340
P Die Steels
M Stainless Steels : 300
M Stainless Steels : 400
M Stainless Steels : 17-4PH
K Cast Iron
N Aluminum : 6061, 7075
N Aluminum : Casting
S Nickel Alloy : Inconel
S Titanium : 6AL4V (30HRC)
H Hardened Steels : ~35 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 35-45 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 45-50 HRC
H Hardened Steels : 50-70 HRC

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Alloy & Die Steels, Hardened Steel ~35HrC


Carbon Steels, Hardened Steel ~35-45 HrC


Mold & Die

Additional Information

When grinding or regrinding industrial cutting tools, residual grinding dust may occur. This dust may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov