High Performance Variable Index End Mills for Difficult to Machine Materials

The HY-PRO®-CARB VGx is an entire line up of variable geometry end mills designed to extend tool life and increase metal removal rates by decreasing chatter. Unequal flute spacing breaks up harmonic vibration typically created during milling, enabling cutting performance.

List VG441BN - 4 Flute, Ball End

Also Available
List VG441 - 4 Flute, Square End
List VG434 - 4 Flute, Corner Radius
List VG436 - 4 Flute, Corner Chamfer
List VG541 - 5 Flute, Square End
List VG534 - 5 Flute, Corner Chamfer
List VG446 - 4-Flute, Reduced Neck, Square End, Corner Chamfer
List VG464 - 4-Flute, Extended Length, Square End, Corner Chamfer