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The EXOCARB-ADO drill series is OSG's premium line of carbide coolant-fed high performance drills, designed to drill in a variety of steels up to 30X diameter without pecking. New point geometry creates sharp cutting action for reduced thrust forces, while our proprietary EgiAs coating provides drastically higher hardness and heat resistance, enabling higher drilling speeds and incredible tool life.

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The EXOTAP® A-Tap® is an all-purpose tap series designed to simplify tool management and to excel in a wide variety of materials and applications. The EXOTAP® A-Tap® is made from powdered metal HSS and has OSG's patented V coating to achieve excellent wear resistance. The spiral flute series has adopted a variable helix flute design, which encourages stable chip evacuation and reduces cutting forces. The spiral point series has unique geometry that enables greater chip control that can help produce tightly compacted chips for easy ejection from the hole.

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Machining a flat hole traditionally required the use of an end mill and a drill. The EXOCARB® ADF enables one-step drilling to simplify machining time and tool management. Suitable for a wide variety of drilling applications including inclined surfaces, curved surfaces, counterboring, eccentric holes, thin plates, etc.

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OSG is a leading manufacturer of industrial cutting tools including taps, end mills, drills, indexable tooling, composite tooling with patented diamond coating and die products. OSG offers spiral flute, spiral point, straight flute, forming and pipe taps. OSG offers various brands for its taps including EXOPRO®, EXOCARB®, EXOTAP®, HY-PRO® and HY-PRO® SEVEN. Various styles of end mills such as square, roughing and ball nose are also available. OSG’s proprietary coatings such as WXL® and WXS® coatings are available for end mills. OSG’s drills offer multiple styles, lengths, sizes and coatings to tackle any material. 3 main brands of OSG end mills and drills include EXOPRO®, EXOCARB® and HY-PRO® CARB. Indexable tooling from OSG includes high performance face mills, milling cutters, finishing end mills, screw fit end mills and indexable drills. OSG’s composite tooling is specifically engineered with patented diamond coating to tackle extremely abrasive composite materials and to extend tool life. OSG’s composite tooling includes drills and routers. OSG also serves the fastener industry by offering superior quality die products such as flat dies, cylindrical dies, planetary dies, rack dies and trim dies.