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The EXOPRO® AERO-LHX is a diamond coated low helix drill for composites. It is specifically designed for tough laminates. It eliminates uncut fibers and delamination when other drills are unable to properly cut fibers. The drill features triple angle geometry combined with OSG's patented diamond coating.

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The EXOPRO® AERO-D-REAM is a diamond coated drill/reamer designed to excel in carbon and glass fiber composites. It features a tapered 4-flute design and OSG's patented diamond coating.

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The EXOPRO® AERO-S is a high helix diamond coated drill designed for composites and metal stack materials. It is specifically developed to shear through tough fibers. It features OSG's patented diamond coating and unique geometries such as high helix to assist in chip evacuation.

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OSG is a leading manufacturer of industrial cutting tools including taps, end mills, drills, indexable tooling, composite tooling with patented diamond coating and die products. OSG offers spiral flute, spiral point, straight flute, forming and pipe taps. OSG offers various brands for its taps including EXOPRO®, EXOCARB®, EXOTAP®, HY-PRO® and HY-PRO® SEVEN. Various styles of end mills such as square, roughing and ball nose are also available. OSG’s proprietary coatings such as WXL® and WXS® coatings are available for end mills. OSG’s drills offer multiple styles, lengths, sizes and coatings to tackle any material. 3 main brands of OSG end mills and drills include EXOPRO®, EXOCARB® and HY-PRO® CARB. Indexable tooling from OSG includes high performance face mills, milling cutters, finishing end mills, screw fit end mills and indexable drills. OSG’s composite tooling is specifically engineered with patented diamond coating to tackle extremely abrasive composite materials and to extend tool life. OSG’s composite tooling includes drills and routers. OSG also serves the fastener industry by offering superior quality die products such as flat dies, cylindrical dies, planetary dies, rack dies and trim dies.