PHOENIX® PXD (78310)

Exchangeable head drill series for efficient, precise hole processing


PHOENIX® PXD is an exchangeable head drill series designed for efficient, precise holemaking. It is ideal for 3XD and 5XD holes in carbon and alloy steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous materials.


Outer diameter relief grinding and polished flutes

Prevents the curling of chips during drilling and enables smooth chip evacuation

Securely mounted head without the use of screws

Faster and frustration-free set up

WD1 coating for PXD

Prevents margin wear, enabling high speed drilling and extended tool life

Inch and Metric

Complete offering



List 52400 - 3D and 5D, Inch View Offering >   View Overview >

List 78310 - 3D and 5D, Metric View Offering >   View Overview >

List 78PXD - Exchangeable Heads View Offering >   View Overview >



For hole diameter 0.551" to 1.00" (14mm to 25.4mm)


For hole depth up to 5X diameter


When through-the-spindle coolant is available

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