Performance Carbide TiAlN End Mills for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials

Offering: List HP450

Product Number Description Stock
HP450-1181 RM SE CC 4FL 3mmDIA 50HLX TIALN 128
HP450-1250 RM SE CC MFL 1/8DIA 50HLX TIALN 85
HP450-1575 RM SE CC 4FL 4mmDIA 50HLX TIALN 133
HP450-1875 RM SE CC MFL 3/16DIA 50HLX TIALN 18
HP450-1969 RM SE CC 4FL 5mmDIA 50HLX TIALN 20
HP450-2362 RM SE CC 6FL 6mmDIA 50HLX TIALN 121
HP450-2500 RM SE CC MFL 1/4DIA 50HLX TIALN 153
HP450-3125 RM SE CC MFL 5/16DIA 50HLX TIALN 24
HP450-3150 RM SE CC 6FL 8mmDIA 50HLX TIALN 90
HP450-3750 RM SE CC MFL 3/8DIA 50HLX TIALN 108
HP450-3937 10MM X 10MM 6FL ROCKET TiALN 6
HP450-4375 RM SE CC MFL 7/16DIA 50HLX TIALN 49
HP450-4724 RM SE CC 6FL 12mmDIA 50HLX TIALN 69
HP450-5000 RM SE CC MFL 1/2DIA 50HLX TIALN 37
HP450-5512 RM SE CC 6FL 14mmDIA 50HLX TIALN 34
HP450-5625 RM SE CC MFL 9/16DIA 50HLX TIALN 0
HP450-6250 RM SE CC MFL 5/8DIA 50HLX TIALN 25
HP450-6299 16MM X 16MM 6FL ROCKET TIALN 2
HP450-7087 RM SE CC 6FL 18mmDIA 50HLX TIALN 34
HP450-7500 RM SE CC MFL 3/4DIA 50HLX TIALN 7
HP450-7874 20MM X 20MM 6FL ROCKET TiALN 25
HP450-8661 RM SE CC 6FL 22mmDIA 50HLX TIALN 11
HP450-8750 RM SE CC MFL 7/8DIA 50HLX TIALN 3
HP450-9843 RM SE CC 8FL 25mmDIA 50HLX TIALN 19

Additional Information

When grinding or regrinding industrial cutting tools, residual grinding dust may occur. This dust may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.
For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov