Take OSG Out to the Ballgame!

“Outsmart, Outservice, Outfun.” As the OSG motto describes, we work hard, but we also know how to have fun! On Saturday, July 25th, we had an annual OSG summer event at the Schaumburg Boomers Baseball Stadium. 169 people including our employees and their families came to watch the game between the Schaumburg Boomers and Rockford Aviators.

One of our traditions at the summer event is to hold a raffle that benefits St. Jude Children’s Hospital.  Raffle prizes included a 32” TV, iPad Mini 2, Visa gift cards and Chicago Cubs tickets to name just a few. With the company matching each employee’s contribution, we are donating $7,488 which is $800 more than last summer’s donation!

OSG’s Network Administrator, Brian O’Donnell, was surprised to see the amount of raffle prizes we had! He bought $20 raffle tickets and won $90 worth of gift cards of Starbucks, Lowes, HomeGoods and Dunkin Donuts!

 “Isn’t it refreshing to see your co-workers outside of work?” said Brian. “My family and I enjoyed getting to know my co workers’ families and friends. It was such a family friendly event with a kids-section where my 2-year-old daughter can also have fun and I felt that OSG really values employees’ families.” 

At the end of the game, we had a chance to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” for the 7th inning stretch in front of all of the audience at the stadium. What a cool experience!

We want OSG to be the company where everyone laughs, smiles, plays, feels comfortable and connects with each other! Stay tuned for more fun events!


The OSG BOOT CAMP Winners are...

Just in time for summer, we completed our annual BOOT CAMP and the results are in! We have become physically stronger, and we are ready to enjoy the summer fun! BOOT CAMP started on May 4th with initial tests in planks, sit-ups, squats, push-ups, vertical jumps and a 40 yard dash. Employees had 6 weeks to improve their scores from the initial results.


Overall, 12 participants improved their scores by at least 20%. The average improvement was 33%. Our top 2 winners went well above the average:


Most Improved Performer: Irma Carrera, QA Inspector II—improved her score by 131%


Most Improved Runner-Up: Pravina Panchigar, QA Inspector IV—improved her score by 86%


OSG also has some great performers who demonstrated their physical strength with the highest test scores!


Highest Performing Female: Alyssa Walther, Applications Engineer


Highest Performing Male: Ian Duncan, Inventory Control Planner



You are probably wondering how well they performed in the tests. Our highest performing female, Alyssa, who practices volleyball regularly, excelled in the squats and vertical jump tests and the 40 yard dash. Her vertical jump score was 19.50 inches, and she ran the 40 yards in 5.50 seconds! Our highest performing male, Ian, also showed his strength in the plank test. He held a plank for over 2 minutes! According to the research, average men should be able to hold a plank for at least a minute, so Ian went well above the average.

Summer just started, and it is not too late to kick-start your fitness. From OSG BOOT CAMP, we recommend the plank to improve your core stability and strength. It is likely that you have great physical fitness if your core is strong. Not only does the plank exercise strengthen your body, but it also improves your mood! If you sit at your desk all day at work, your muscles tighten up. According to LIVE STRONG.COM, we are able to stretch stiff muscles that contribute to stress by practicing the plank exercise. In addition, plank exercise can help calm your brain to reduce stress!

Congratulations to the winners and stay tuned for the OSG’s next fitness challenge!

Get Your Career Moving- OSG Employment Open House!

Take your career in the right direction with OSG!
We are hosting an employment open house at our Bensenville, IL facility on
June 24th. Take a look at the available positions below and come visit us! Don't forget to bring a copy of your current resume, because all of the applicants will get to have an interview with HR!

When: Wednesday, June 24th from 10am- 4pm

Where: 759 Industrial Drive Bensenville IL, 60106

Available Positions:

  • 1st Shift Openings (6am- 2:30pm)

   CNC Operator
   CNC Set-up
   Mechanical Maintenance Technician
   Warehouse/Materials Clerk
   Jr. Technical Quoting Specialist (7am- 4pm)
   Jr. Design Engineer (7am-4pm)
   Talent Development Specialist (8am- 5pm at the Glendale Heights Office)
   Applications Engineer (8am- 5pm at the Glendale Heights Office)


  • 2nd Shift Openings (2pm- 10:30pm)

   CNC Operator
   Manual Operator
   Coating Operator


  • 3rd Shift Openings (10pm- 6:30am)

   CNC Operator
   CNC Set-up
   CNC Regrind Set-up


Click HERE to access the job details and descriptions.

OSG's success comes from our dedicated and committed employees. We return that commitment by providing benefits to lead happy, healthy and balanced life.
Our benefits include:

  • Company Condo in Maui
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, STD
  • 401K 6% Match and 3 year vesting schedule
  • Vacation, PTO and 10 paid holidays

If you have any question, please call us at 630-866-2878.
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

The EXOCARB® WDO-SUS Drill Video: Meet the Game-Changer for Stainless Steels & Titanium Alloys

What are the common issues you encounter while machining stainless steels and titanium alloys? You name it and OSG’s new EXOCARB® WDO-SUS drills will tackle it!


The WDO-SUS drills are specifically developed to combat work hardening, elongated chips, low thermal conductivity and welding on the tool. Watch the video below to learn more about the premium features of the WDO-SUS drills including the newly designed MEGA COOLER™ coolant holes.

On the Job with: Cheryl Pross

Featured employee: Cheryl Pross
Title: Customer Service Manager
Tenure with OSG: 20 years


After working 20 years at the OSG Illinois Office, Cheryl Pross decided to go out of her comfort zone. She jumped on the opportunity to further develop her career in Atlanta, GA. Moving over 700 miles away from home, Cheryl has been working as the Customer Service Manager at the OSG GA Regional Office for 6 months and is loving her new Southern OSG family.


You are probably wondering what makes Cheryl so adaptable to new people, work and life in the south. It comes from her philosophy to give respect to anyone. “Always respect your friends, co-workers, company and customers, and you will be rewarded with respect in return,” said Cheryl. Her philosophy was passed down from her hero, her mother, who taught her to not only work hard, but also enjoy life and love the people around her.


Her love of life and taking on new challenges extends to her personal life. Cheryl keeps her personal life busy with friends, running and traveling, but recently, her interest is to be 100% organic with skin care products and the food she eats. “It is nearly an impossible task, but I enjoy finding something I love that won’t harm me or the environment,” said Cheryl.


Cheryl’s new adventure in Atlanta just began in November, and she is certain that she will develop herself professionally and personally. “I had 1 month to pack up and leave everything I have known in Illinois and moved to Georgia by myself. It was the craziest yet the most exciting things I have done, and I don’t regret it for a moment.”

3 reasons why you should join OSG, a growing company that values its employees!

1. It’s the Outstanding People:  Our employees live our core values and treat each other like family.  We come from all types of backgrounds, but we find common ground in out-servicing our competition!


2. It’s the Superior Benefits:  Full medical/dental/vision PPO plan, 401(k) with company match and 3 weeks of paid time during the first year off means work-life balance like nowhere else!


3. It’s the Great Attitude:  Our cutting tools are the best in the world! This gives us the confidence to continue developing our employees so that we can continue making the highest quality products! 



Open Positions:



Jr. CNC Operators (Bensenville, IL)

CNC Setup Technician (Bensenville, IL)

Coating Operator (Bensenville, IL)

Technical Quoting Specialist (Bensenville, IL)

Jr. Design Engineer (Bensenville, IL)

Machining Applications Engineer/CNC Programmer (Bensenville, IL) 

Applications Engineer (Glendale Heights, IL)

Talent Development Specialist (Glendale Heights, IL)

District Manager/Sales Representative (Charlotte, NC)  



Apply online at www.osgtool.com/careers to join our growing team!


The EXOTAP VA-3® Now Available with Coolant-Through!

For any manufacturer, time is money, and an increasing number of companies are looking for ways to improve efficiency in their manufacturing process. In order to support such demand, OSG improved its popular tap series, the EXOTAP VA-3®.  The EXOTAP VA-3® already excelled in both stainless and carbon steels, but now you can tap at even faster speeds with our newly expanded VA-3® offerings!

What makes it possible to tap faster is the new VA-3® coolant-through capability. It prevents overheating and improves chip removal rates. As a result, you can achieve faster cutting speeds and smoother chip evacuation! In addition to the coolant-through capability, the new VA-3 taps offer DIN overall length for longer reach applications. The EXOTAP VA-3® series has become even more versatile to address your challenging needs.



In addition to these new features, the VA-3® taps feature optimized geometry specifically designed for stainless and carbon steels. OSG’s patented V coating provides excellent wear resistance and extended tool life. If cost savings and efficiency are in your To-Improve-List, give OSG’s EXOTAP VA-3® taps a try!



Spiral Flute      

List 307 - Inch  

List 347 - Metric  


Spiral Point

List 306 - Inch 

List 346 - Metric 


OSG BOOT CAMP- 6 weeks to a healthier YOU!

Summer is just around the corner, and we want to get fit fast! OSG’s annual BOOT CAMP has begun on May 4th, and our muscles are starting to get sore. BOOT CAMP is part of our corporate wellness program that helped OSG earn the title of a Fit-Friendly employer. This is our 4th year to host BOOT CAMP, and 30 employees are competing against each other. We finished the Biggest Loser Competition in March, so now it is time for us to get physically healthier and stronger!


We kicked off BOOT CAMP with the initial physical health assessment consisting of 6 tests:


-          Plank Test

-          Sit-Up Test

-          Squat Test

-          Push-Up Test

-          Vertical Jump Test

-          40 Yard Dash


Scoring is based on the results from the tests, and employees have 6 weeks to improve their scores. Weekly workout sessions will be held at Glendale Heights Office every Monday. On June 15th,  the final assessment is scheduled. Alyssa Walther, OSG Applications Engineer, thinks that OSG’s BOOT CAMP program is a great way to motivate and challenge herself.


“It is hard to keep up with challenging workouts by myself, but working out with my co-workers encourages me to try more and have fun at the same time.” 

For the highest performers and the most improved performer, prizes are prepared as follows:


Highest Performer (Males) - $50 Gift Card

Highest Performer (Female) - $50 Gift Card

Most Improved Performer - $50 Gift Card

2 Runner-Ups - $25 Gift Card


Good luck to everyone who is competing and stay tuned these next 6 weeks to find out the winners!


Heading to the East Coast, EASTEC 2015!

We are excited about exhibiting at the upcoming 2015 EASTEC which takes place at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA! EASTEC runs from Tuesday, May 12th through Friday, May 15th and has over 500 exhibitors and scheduled conference sessions. We will be bringing our latest tooling innovations to the event. Here is a sneak preview of what we have in store for you in our booth #5737.



If you are looking for indexable solutions for rough milling, finishing, and drilling in a wide range of applications including thin work pieces, weak fixtures, interrupted cuts, long reach, contouring, profiling, and heat resistant alloy machining, give OSG’s PHOENIX® Indexable series a look. OSG’s technology in replaceable head milling and drilling allows for stable, efficient and accurate cutting performance. 

Other products to see include our STI (Screw Thread Insert) Taps. OSG’s STI Taps are available in general purpose taps, high performance EXOTAP® brand taps, and premium high performance EXOPRO® brand taps. With our wide range of tap sizes in inch and metric, OSG offers the most comprehensive lineup of STI taps in the industry. Finally, we cannot forget about our revolutionary forming tap technology. OSG's EXOPRO® XPF Taps are fluteless forming taps which produce no chips and are more durable than cut taps. They generate up to 50% less torque versus other forming taps allowing you to achieve longer tool life and to use larger forming taps.



All of these OSG innovations and more will be available to see and our knowledgeable industry experts will be on-hand for you at EASTEC! We look forward to meeting you in our booth and answering all of your questions. Make sure to register for 2015 EASTEC today!

On the Job with: Katie Oswald

Featured Employee: Katie Oswald

Title: Inventory Control Specialist

Tenure with OSG: 5 years

For Katie Oswald, family is her number one priority. She always makes sure that she spends as much time as she can with her husband of nine years, three and a half year old son, and puppy. To keep up in her never-ending race, she lives by the rule, “a minute wasted is a minute lost,” so she uses her time at work and at home efficiently.

Her love of family also extends to her teammates at OSG. As an Inventory Control Specialist at the Parma office, Katie looks to her coworkers to help get the job done right. “Teamwork is what makes the world go round. Together, we can accomplish great things!”

To add to her race, Katie is also working on her cooking skills, recently creating her own version of Ina Garten’s French Chicken Pot Pie. She also is an avid photographer. “Whether the subject is my son or nature, I love capturing every moment.”