EXOCARB®-WDO Drill Video

The OSG EXOCARB®-WDO Drill is an ultra-premium coolant-through carbide drill, ideal for a variety of work materials, from stainless and alloy steels to die steels and more.


This drill features OSG's proprietary WD1 coating providing higher hardness and heat resistance, allowing for increased speed and feed rates.


Available from 3xD up to 30xD, the EXOCARB®-WDO Drill is the perfect solution for any number of applications.

On the Job with: Dan Dimenza

Featured Employee: Dan Dimenza

Title: Warehouse Manager

Tenure with OSG: 34 years as of May 2, 2014

What are you passionate about outside of work?
The Blackhawks—I watch every game! Became a staunch fan of the team as a kid and never veered! Will never forget how Bobby Hull led the Black Hawks to the Stanley Cup in 1961.

Your hero, either real or fictional, is Bobby Hull, right?
Without a doubt! Back then, Bobby was bigger than life! Personally, I consider him as the greatest hockey player of all time. I saw him play at the Chicago Stadium…unbelievable! He had a 120mph slap shot and could skate almost 30mph, hence the nickname “the Golden Jet”!

We work to live, not live to work, so how do you keep your life in balance?
For me, what keeps my life in balance is exercise, namely weightlifting. I started lifting weights before it became popular in 1975, and lift daily. Having my own set of weights at home helps.

What is the most important thing you learned throughout your career at OSG?
OSG management from the start has shown great respect for me, my family and fellow employees, like we are all extended family. This family atmosphere is alive and well today at OSG.

What is your secret talent?
Knowledge! I learned how to do every job I was afforded and always sought to do it well.


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OSG Launches Calculator App Update

We have released an update to its calculator app for iOS devices. The new update includes full metric calculation capability and improved compatibility for iOS7.

The “OSG Calculator” mobile app can assist in calculating a variety of cutting parameters for taps, drills and end mills. Visit the iTunes store for details and to download the app for your iPhone and iPad!

OSG President Dane Winters Announces Retirement

After 28 years of loyal and dedicated service, OSG Tap & Die President Dane Winters, announced his retirement effective September 30, 2013.

Dane began his career with OSG in October 1985 as a Regional Sales Manager for the Western Region. In April 1988, Dane was quickly promoted to National Sales Manager and relocated from Southern California to the Corporate Headquarters in Glendale Heights, Ill. In 1993, Dane was once again promoted to Vice President of Sales and was also elected to serve on the Board of Directors for OSG Tap & Die. Finally in 2000, Dane was promoted to his current position of President. In 2000 and 2001 Dane also served as a Board of Director for OSG Corporation, the parent company of OSG Tap & Die in Japan, and currently serves as an Executive Officer for OSG Corporation. Additionally, during 2009 through 2011, Dane served as President for OSG-Sterling Die, Inc. and President of Quality Carbide Tool, Corp., which was later merged into OSG Tap & Die in 2010.

Dane also contributed outside of the organization where he actively participated in industry organizations and served as a Board of Director for the United States Cutting Tool Institute (USCTI) from 1996 to 2002.

During his 13 years as President at OSG Tap & Die, Dane had an unparalleled impact on the company, its employees, as well as being the “face” of OSG to customers. His leadership and dedication to both the customer and employee was instrumental in the growth and success of OSG over the years.

Mike Grantham, currently Executive Vice President, has been named as Dane Winters’ successor. Mike will assume his responsibility as President beginning October 1, 2013.

OSG Announces New President

OSG's Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Mike Grantham, currently Executive Vice President, to be the next President of OSG. Mike will assume his responsibilities as President beginning October 1, 2013.

Mike’s career at OSG began in 1992, where he served as Corporate Counsel after completing Law School and passing the Bar. Shortly after, Mike’s responsibilities grew to overseeing HR and Logistics. In 1996, Mike was transferred to Sossner Tap & Tool, located in Brunswick, Georgia to take the position of Vice President of Administration.

Mike returned to the Corporate Office in 1998 as Vice President of Administration and Corporate Counsel. In 2000, Mike was once again promoted to Executive Vice President, overseeing Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Operations. Mike’s strong leadership had a significant impact on the growth of OSG over the years. Mike has always valued employee development and involvement, resulting in a more effective and cohesive corporate environment.

Mike will be replacing Mr. Dane Winters, who will be retiring this September after 28 years of loyal and dedicated service.