High Performance Coolant-Fed Carbide Drills for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials

The EXOCARB-WDO drill series is OSG's premium line of carbide coolant-fed high performance drills, designed to drill in a variety of steels up to 30X diameter without pecking. New point geometry creates sharp cutting action for reduced thrust forces, while our proprietary WD1 coating provides drastically higher hardness and heat resistance, enabling higher drilling speeds and incredible tool life.

List 5500 - EXOCARB®-WDO 3D
List 5510 - EXOCARB®-WDO 5D
List 5520 - EXOCARB®-WDO 8D
List 5530 - EXOCARB®-WDO 10D
List 5535 - EXOCARB® WDO 15D
List 5540 - EXOCARB®-WDO 20D
List 5550 - EXOCARB®-WDO 30D